JHHSJohns Hopkins Health System
JHHSJohn Hersey High School (Arlington Heights, IL)
JHHSJewish Hospital HealthCare Services (Louisville, KY)
JHHSJack Hayward High School (Bahamas)
JHHSJackson Heights High School (Holton, KS)
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This allowed JHHS to go live with SSO and fingerprint verification for physicians and nurses in January 2003, when it opened Jewish Hospital Medical Center East, a near-paperless, state-of-the-art ambulatory diagnostic, surgical and emergency center in Louisville.
Since JHHS's hospital in Louisville was contracted with SMS as a beta site for SMS applications, it was thought that JHHS would be more inclined to buy HHL if the SMS package was installed.
JHHS, which includes the Johns Hopkins Hospital, will initially use Azyxxi to focus on healthcare performance measures as identified by the Joint Commission's National Hospital Quality Measures.
JHHS staff confirmed appointments by phone, fax or e-mail, but often practices or patients had to wait 20 minutes or more for a response, because the organization used a decentralized scheduling process with paper-based records.
We are honored that JHHS has chosen to expand our MPS program into another one of their prestigious care organizations," said Joseph J.
LONG-TERM CAPITAL NEEDS: There has been significant investment in the JHHS facilities and at the main campus in Baltimore.
Both JHHS and Baptist Healthcare System, the area's third largest, are buying up physician practices.
JHHS became the sole corporate member of the two hospital affiliates and the financials have been consolidated within JHHS; however, the debt of SMH and ACH remain separately obligated by their respective obligated groups.
World-Renowned Reputation: JHHS's reputation and brand recognition for excellent tertiary and quaternary care and state of the art clinical research is a primary credit strength as JHHS continues to diversify its revenue base through growing international activity.
I don't know of any health care program at any university that has gone to the extent of putting health care teams on campus, taking care of spectators and sharing staff between the two," said Joanne Berryman, JHHS Senior Vice President and CEO of Frazier Rehab Institute, a wholly owned subsidiary of JHHS.
Relationship with JHHS: JHHS is now the parent entity of ACH.
Jewish Hospital, the flagship of JHHS, is a 442-bed regional referral center and one of the largest heart hospitals in the United States.