JHJJohnny Hates Jazz (musician)
JHJJournalisten Helfen Journalisten (German: Journalists Helping Journalists)
JHJJuvenon Health Journal
JHJJames Hervey Johnson (American freethought writer)
JHJJohannes Hunter Jewelers (Colorado Springs, CO)
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Zhang L, Spiertz JHJ, Zhang S, Li B, Van der Werf W (2008) Nitrogen economy in relay intercropping systems of wheat and cotton.
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Desai, JHJ School of Business, Texas Southern University.
Cofiaf yn dda cerfio JHJ ar y coed am mae Joseph Heddwyn Jones yw fy enw.
making a donation for JHJ School of Communications at Howard University 35.
4 (Hong Kong) 7/06 DSV (Denmark) n/a Date Announced Cross-Border Deal Target Business 1/06 Acquired the remaining 50% stake in Express delivery FedEx-DTW International Priority services Express from DTW Group 9/05 Will acquire 100% of the target Cargo transport HOAU Logistics Group Co Ltd services 9/05 Acquiring a 37% stake in Yangtze Air cargo services River Express Airline Co Ltd 8/05 Acquiring a 45% stake in Nantong Logistics services Port Group Ltd 6/05 Acquired a 50% stake in JHJ Freight forwarding International Forwarding Co.
The shares were acquired from JHJ International Co Ltd for an undisclosed sum.
JHJ was selected for the joint venture because of its ability to meet the needs of YRC customers while aiding YRC in its business development.
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Shanghai JHJ developed airport handling facilities to claim 30 percent of air freight business at Hong Qiao, China's largest cargo airport, after displacing the traditional airport handling monopoly by acting as handling and booking agent to many foreign airlines authorized to o perate there.