JHLICJohn Hancock Life Insurance Company
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The notes have been issued in various currencies, are limited recourse obligations of John Hancock Global Funding Limited and are secured solely by a series of funding agreements sold to the limited liability company by JHLIC.
The issuer of the notes is a Delaware statutory trust, John Hancock Global Funding II, the principal asset being a series of funding agreements between JHLIC and John Hancock Global Funding II.
The Series 2000-A notes are the first issuance of obligations secured by funding agreements provided by JHLIC to be sold in the U.
Under the terms of this transaction, JHLIC has indirectly sold a funding agreement to, and entered into a swap with, JHGF, which corresponds to the JPY20 billion in notes.
JHLIC is among the best in the industry in asset liability management and has an excellent record in investment management, Standard & Poor's said.