JHOJudicial Hearing Officer
JHOJesse's Hunting & Outdoors (Redlands, CA)
JHOJunior House Officer (medical)
JHOJam Handy Organization (film company)
JHOJust Hanging Out
JHOJust Helping Out (internet slang)
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Some of this work is being conducted at the JHO level.
The current JHO and Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Historical Office could come under this new agency's auspices.
In the "first" Davis, (283) the defendant's waiver of a judge trial in favor of JHO adjudication was found to be sufficient by the majority because the defendant was represented by counsel at the time.
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I got chatting to a woman backstage and once my summer stint had finished I called to ask if there were any jobs where she worked at JHO.