JHOCJohns Hopkins Outpatient Center
JHOCJoint Harbor Operations Centers
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The JHOC is conducted by OFDA subject matter experts who have vast field experience in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations and in working with the military.
The JHOC is highly recommended for organizations that will potentially have a direct role in supporting USAID in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations.
An increase in the number of JHOCs is currently being negotiated between the Navy and DHS, Goward said.
The JHOCs are more focused versions of Coast Guard Sector Commands, which claim responsibility for coastal regions and respond to emergencies.
Six JHOC classes are taught annually, with a maximum of 12 students per class.
The JHOC is the required third and final course for the U.
It was at JHOC that the high-dose busulfan and cyclophosphamide regimen was developed for this purpose in the 1970s.
JHOCs are facilities where the Coast Guard and other federal and local law enforcement agencies can monitor harbor traffic, fuse intelligence data to screen ships and cargo, and coordinate response activity if the need arises.