JHPJacketed Hollow Point (bullet)
JHPJoseph Henry Press (National Academies Press imprint)
JHPJournal of Humanistic Psychology
JHPJournal of Health Psychology
JHPJewish Heritage Program
JHPJobs Have Priority (est. 1988; Washington, DC)
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20 FPS--The increase in muzzle velocity from a 4-inch S&W M15 over the 3-inch M36/M60 using Hornady American Gunner 125-grain JHP.
Not far behind it was Black Hills Ammunition's 124-grain +P JHP which averaged 2 inches at 1284 fps.
JHP currently markets a portfolio of 14 specialty injectable products, including Aplisol[sup.
Where the XTP and JHP penetrated the gelatin block to 10 or 11 inches, the SXT stopped between eight and nine.
JHP Pharmaceuticals, with head offices in Parsippany, N.
JHP Pharmaceuticals, headquartered in New Jersey, provides contract manufacturing of sterile products including biologics, small molecule, controlled substances, vaccines, ophthalmics, otics and antibiotics for large and small pharmaceutical and biotech organizations.
Pav Bhatoe, of JHP Training said: "The challenge worked brilliantly and it was a great chance for us to work together as a team.
JHP Training offers programmes focused around the achievement of an apprenticeship and Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) qualifications.
JHP, which was founded by Hugh Pitman in 1983, operates a national network of 57 centres as well as delivering training in employees' workplaces nationwide.
JHP, which was founded in 1983 by Hugh Pitman, employs more than 1,000 people and operates from a network of 57 centres.
iCap / JHP Realty Advisors announced the closing of an acquisition and renovation loan in the amount of $36,900,000 on a property which was formerly the home of the fabled Alexander's department store and was more recently occupied by Caldor.
JHP has teamed up with airport consulting group CPI for the four-phase project, which will be used as a basis for maximising the effectiveness of the airport's commercial activities.