JHPJacketed Hollow Point (bullet)
JHPJapan Team of Young Human Power (est. 1993)
JHPJoseph Henry Press (National Academies Press imprint)
JHPJournal of Humanistic Psychology
JHPJournal of Health Psychology
JHPJewish Heritage Program
JHPJobs Have Priority (est. 1988; Washington, DC)
JHPJours Hors Projet (French: Days Off Project)
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It is built to produce the same velocity, recoil, and point of impact as the V-Crown JHP defense loads.
Here, best results were with the Black Hills 115-grain JHP+P at 1,340 fps (1-5/8) and two SIG SAUER loads-their 124-grain JHP at 1,225 fps (1-3/4) and 147-grain FMJ with the same group size at just over 1,000 fps.
38 Super +P in both JHP and FMJ versions testing it through nine .
Pushed from the 16-inch barrel of an AR-15 at roughly 1,900 fps, the 300-grain JHP carries almost 2,500 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle and over 1,600 at 100 yards.
JHP currently markets a portfolio of 14 specialty injectable products, including Aplisol and Adrenalin, and has developed a pipeline of 34 products, 17 of which have been submitted for approval to the Food and Drug Administration.
21 January 2014 - US-based Par Pharmaceutical Companies Inc (NYSE:PRX) said on Tuesday it had inked a deal to buy JHP Group Holdings, parent company of New Jersey-based generic sterile injectable products developer JHP Pharmaceuticals LLC.
JHP Pharmaceuticals LLC, a specialty pharmaceutical company that acquires, develops, manufactures and sells sterile products for injection, announced on Monday that it has been acquired by an affiliate of Warburg Pincus, a private equity firm focused on growth investing, from JHP Holdings LLC, an entity that is majority-owned by Morgan Stanley Principal Investments.
JHP Pharmaceuticals, headquartered in New Jersey, provides contract manufacturing of sterile products including biologics, small molecule, controlled substances, vaccines, ophthalmics, otics and antibiotics for large and small pharmaceutical and biotech organizations.
20 July 2011 - GE Capital Healthcare Financial Services said it served as administrative agent for USD78m (EUR55m) senior secured credit facilities to US pharmaceutical firm JHP Pharmaceuticals LLC.
Pav Bhatoe, of JHP Training said: "The challenge worked brilliantly and it was a great chance for us to work together as a team.
Apprentice provider JHP Training helps companies achieve higher business performance through enhanced personnel.
JHP Training offers programmes focused around the achievement of an apprenticeship and Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) qualifications.