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JHSJunior High School
JHSJefferson High School
JHSJacksonville High School (Jacksonville, Alabama)
JHSJackson High School
JHSJournal of Hellenic Studies
JHSJesuit High School (various locations)
JHSJordan High School (Durham, NC, USA)
JHSJordan High School (Sandy, Utah)
JHSJohnstown High School (New York)
JHSJefferson Health System (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
JHSJasper High School (Plano, Texas)
JHSJesus Hominum Salvator (Latin: Jesus Savior of Mankind)
JHSJenks High School
JHSJournal of Hebrew Scriptures
JHSJenison High School (Michigan)
JHSJunction High School (Texas)
JHSJackson Healthcare Solutions (Alpharetta, GA)
JHSJacksboro High School (Texas)
JHSJuniata High School (Mifflintown, Pennsylvania)
JHSJournal of Happiness Studies
JHSJuberg-Hayward Syndrome
JHSJenkintown High School (Jenkintown, Pennsylvania)
JHSJulkishallinnon Suositus (Finnish: Public Recommendation)
JHSJava Hot Spot (Sun)
JHSJob History System
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Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, JHS Capital Advisors Llc, is a privately owned securities broker dealer and investment advisor, and provides personalised client services for investors nationwide.
We believe our growth trajectory over the past year shows that advisors across the country are realizing that joining JHS provides them with the ability to spend more time focusing on their clients' needs.
IMN: How can clinicians distinguish JHS from other HDCTs, such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome?
The group said in a statement: "As indicated in September, trading at JHS continued to be difficult despite undergoing rationalisation and restructuring.
VERY LOW DEBT BURDEN: JHS generally funds capital expenditures from cash flow.
About JHS Capital Advisors JHS Capital Advisors is an asset management firm providing personalized client services for investors nationwide.
The 27-year-old actress and wife of JHS director Abbas Tyrewala is making her debut in a leading role with this film.
As to how two seemingly identical conditions could assume such different-sounding names, EDS-HM originated from a clinical genetic perspective, whereas JHS developed from a rheumatologic background.
JHS, to be launched in January, is targeted to scientists and engineers working in the fields of holography, speckle, lasers, optical science and engineering.
NASDAQ:PLCC), has reached an agreement in principle to transfer its retail operations to JHS Capital Advisors (JHS), a member of FINRA and SIPC and an MSRB registrant that is headquartered in Tampa, Fla.
The renewal contracts with JHS, which run through May 2013, replace the current agreements' terms that would have expired in June 2011.