JHSPHJohns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (Baltimore, MD)
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Given that there is no "home" for GBV issues at JHSPH, it was challenging to rally supporters from across departments.
Given the data-driven nature of JHSPH, we were able to use available statistics in our publicity, increasing interest leading up to the events.
Moving forward, we believe that JHSPH is uniquely positioned to blend data and activism; as the next generation of public health advocates, practitioners and researchers, we can combine our underlying passion for these issues with the need for evidence and data, in order to inform decisions to reduce the burden of violence.
Given the reach of JHSPH in global health networks, we want to spark a greater level of urgency among students and faculty, in the hope that they will in turn incorporate action on violence against women into their wide-ranging work.
d) PhD student, Department of International Health, JHSPH, Baltimore, MD, USA
OCW does not require that participants register, does not grant degrees or certificates, and does not provides access to JHSPH faculty.