JHSVJoint High Speed Vessel
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Propelled by four Wartsila waterjets driven by four 12,800 shp MTU 20V8000 M71L diesel engines, the 103-metre long aluminium catamaran JHSV can move 600 short tonnes (including personnel, vehicles, materiel and helicopter) over 1,200 nautical miles at a speed of 35 knots (unloaded max speed is over 40 knots).
com), High Speed Vessels: The Future of Naval Logistics , finds that the JHSV offers notable project budget efficiency.
7) The Navy's presence in the Asia-Pacific will increase over the next decade as new platforms such as JHSV, LCS, and MLP enter the fleet.
Though the JHSV could transit quicker than amphibious warships, it requires port facilities for off-loading and has a limited payload.
Initially, the JHSV program was envisioned to have five of the first 10 JHSVs assigned to the Army and the remainder to the Navy.
At the operational level the Army would need to develop connecting systems that integrate all forms of air and sea transportation as well as develop platforms like the JHL, the JMAC and JHSV to employ Army forces.
A memorandum of agreement was signed between the Army and Navy on 2 May that clarified relationships, identified roles and responsibilities in use of JHSVs, and provided an implementation plan for the transfer of the vessels.
2) Beyond FY 2015, as the LCS and JHSV programs run their courses and are procured in smaller annual quantities, and particularly as the Navy enters the period for procuring twelve replacement ballistic-missile submarines, or SSBN(X)s, the amount of funding needed for an average of ten ships per year will increase substantially.
Many of the current discussions with regard to JHSV employment focus on specific individual characteristics.
A Navy-led joint acquisition program, the JHSV combines the Navy-Marine Corps High Speed Connector program with the Army Theater Support Vessel program to produce a unified--and more integrated and cost-effective--solution to the commonly shared requirement for intratheater connectors.
Sudol said that any hull form will be considered for the JHSV.
Under the new contract, DI will provide operations and maintenance services on three maritime prepositioning squadrons and up to nine Joint High Speed Vessels (JHSV), with the first JHSV beginning October 1, 2011 out of Mobile, Ala.