JI-CTCJoint Intelligence - Combat Training Center
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Normally, students attend JI-CTC two weeks prior to graduation from a formal MI training course of study.
Unlike other Army Combat Training Centers, which employ Observer/Controllers who have minimal interaction with participants, the JI-CTC relies on Observer/Trainers who serve as mentors to guide students throughout the exercise.
The answer is that scientific inquiry, problem solving, and decision making are clearly integral to the JI-CTC experience.
At the JI-CTC, constant daily scientific inquiry requires students to put much more effort into the learning process than in other parts of their training, which results in a tremendous value for the students who often cite Exercise Eagle 2 as the most challenging and rewarding part of their training while at Fort Huachuca.
JI-CTC is the culminating event for intelligence personnel trained at Fort Huachuca.
In addition, international officers are integrated into JI-CTC through their participation in the Coalition TOC.
To ensure all students are well prepared intelligence specialists upon their arrival at their next duty station, the exercise at JI-CTC is fought using the latest computer based hardware and software.
The JI-CTC is unique as it allows students from all ranks and intelligence specialties to work together in a (simulated) tactical environment.