JIACJuvenile Intake and Assessment Center (Sedgwick County Department of Corrections; Kansas)
JIACJordan International Air Cargo (Amman, Jordan)
JIACJava-based Intelligent Agent Componentware
JIACJoint Information Analysis Centre (JFC Naples)
JIACJoint Imagery Analysis Course
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The JIAC has done a much better job of collating, analyzing, and disseminating data as actionable intelligence for Balkan, Afghanistan, and other primarily land operations.
However, because JIAC staff did not routinely complete the instrument for individuals they predicted would not be detained, the data violated an important assumption of this statistical technique (i.
Suspected offenders, considered enough of a risk to detain pursuant to their initial arrest, returned to the JIAC as a result of a subsequent offense more frequently.
JIAC agents reside on marketplaces, referred to as agent platforms in FIPA.
JIAC offers a strong migration concept where code and state of an agent are transmitted.
For supporting the billing of services, JIAC provides a configurable metering model.
JIAC supports property-based configuration of an agent's structure.
The security infrastructure for JIAC offers security mechanisms for agents and marketplaces on different architectural levels: Java Virtual Machine, Transport Layer (ISO/OSI Layer 4), agent, and agent communities.
JIAC offers a protocol, similar to SSL, which can be used for encrypting and signing speech acts on a higher communication layer than TCP/IP This protocol can be used, if secure communication on the application layer is required.
JIAC offers the possibility to manage trust relationships between agent places.
Because of the powerful information processing features of the JIAC default architecture, only the implementation of domain-specific knowledge and capabilities is left to the programmer, thereby relieving much of the work.
Here, we have presented the basic concepts of the toolkit JIAC, which relys on a scalable and open component-based agent architecture for service provisioning.