JIASJournal of Information Assurance and Security (peer reviewed international publication)
JIASJournal of the Iowa Academy of Science (Cedar Falls, IA)
JIASJewish Immigrant Aid Services of Canada
JIASJapan International Artists Society
JIASJordan International Air Solutions
JIASJoint Interim Administration Structure (UNMIK)
JIASJournal of the International AIDS Society (Switzerland)
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The constitution of the JIAS allowed individual JIAS departments to implement their tasks on the basis of subsidiary administrative directions.
Based on Kosovo's estimated future domestic revenues and donor grants as well as a comparison with the public salary scales in neighboring countries, the average salary for a local JIAS official was set to be DM 273 per month, while a municipal judge would earn DM 600 per month.
In November 2001, representatives of the Serb National Council, the organ representing Kosovo Serb interests in the JIAS, raised the issue of special protection of Serb properties in Kosovo.
With the establishment of the JIAS, the first pillar was dissolved, leaving UNHCR outside the UNMIK structure.
JIAS Department of Justice, Statistical Report, "Preliminary Analysis of Judicial Acitivity: Statistics for the Period January-August 2000," 4 October 2000 (on file with the author).