JIATFJoint Inter-Agency Task Force
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According to 2011 SOUTHCOM statistics, international and interagency efforts coordinated through JIATF South "resulted in the disruption of approximately 119 metric tons of cocaine, with a wholesale value of $2.
According to JIATF statistics, the range of these vessels varies, but the average can travel approximately 2,500 nautical miles without refueling.
As the USPACOM Executive Agent for regional counter-drug efforts, JIATF West maintains strong programmatic continuity within the following lines of operation:
JIATFS is located at the southernmost point of the continental United States, at sea level, on approximately 7 acres with four 20,000-square-foot buildings and a couple of small buildings that house backup generators and UPS devices.
The key land nodes are JIATF South, US-SOUTHCOM and Commander Task Group 4.
The President should be seen as the head of the JIATF and ultimate authority for the approval of objectives and themes.
The JIATF facility serves as a command, control, communications, and intelligence center for the U.
During the Coast Guard LEDET's first boarding of Halyburton's deployment, investigations revealed the small fishing vessel suspected by JIATF South to be a refueler for smaller "go-fast" drug smuggling boats.
We are pleased to continue working closely with SPAWARSYSCEN San Diego SOUTHCOM, and JIATF South to ensure the best technical capabilities are deployed," said Eric Demarco, president and CEO of WFI.
General Dynamics has been supporting this customer since 1990 and has more than 40 personnel on site at the JIATF South, Naval Air Station Truman Annex, in Key West, Florida.
The result for both of these JIATFs is a fully integrated, international organization that capitalizes on the capabilities of the various U.
In the end, however, Embassies and JIATFs illustrate that the proposed interagency organizations rest on a long American tradition of approaching complex problems in an integrated and comprehensive way.