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JICJoint Information Center (US government)
JICJoint Intelligence Committee
JICJewelry Information Center
JICJust In Case
JICJoint Intelligence Center
JICJoint Integrating Concept
JICJoint Industrial Council
JICJoint Implementation Committee
JICJubail Industrial College (Jubail, Saudi Arabia)
JICJoint Industry Conference
JICJustice Information Center
JICJob Information Center
JICJoint Implementation Commission
JICJoint Interrogation Cell
JICJoint Ice Center
JICJoint Interoperability Certification
JICJoint Intelligence Collection
JICJeunesse indépendante Catholique
JICJob Instruction Card
JICJoint Interim Commission (NATO)
JICJet Interaction Control
JICJurys Inn Custom (hotel; Dublin, Ireland)
JICJapan Investment Council
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The JIC will also, says Huawei, play a key role in knowledge sharing of broad technical industry areas through structured training and knowledge transfer programs that can effectively add value to Saudi Aramco, KFUPM, and other oil and gas companies, as well as partners.
Now that we're thinking "survival," what else might you add to the JIC kit?
Lord Butler concluded that never again should such a dossier be produced and the JIC asked to put its name to it.
As a result the JIC assessment was revised on September 9 to state: ``Intelligence also indicates that chemical and biological munitions could be with military units and ready for firing within 20 to45minutes.
It was the responsibility of the JIC to provide such intelligence to British ministers during the Cold War.
Custom options include JIC, NEMA-12 or explosion-proof electricals, automatic alarm system, hot-gas bypass capacity control or energy-saver two-speed capacity modulator, dual pumps, heat recovery, glycol low-temperature units and chilled-water flow switch.
Best expects JIC to continue growing between 5% and 10% over each of the next two years, and to remain focused in the local market.
JIC 's participation in the Soccerex Asian Forum for the second year in a row comes as part of the company's ongoing partnership with the Jordan Football Association (JFA).
The JIC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding, MOU, on research with OBG for its forthcoming report on the Kingdom's economy.
The first group of IELTS candidates arrived at the JIC on Saturday Jan.
At JobsInClerical, Sabrina's goal is to meet and exceed the needs of her colleagues, her clients and JIC members by providing top level customer service and bottom line results.