JIDAJapan Industrial Designers' Association (est. 1952)
JIDAJournal of the Irish Dental Association
JIDAJewelry Industry Distributors Association
JIDAJournal of Intelligent Data Analysis (artificial intelligence)
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Mike Egan, JIDA weapons technical intelligence branch chief.
That is going to be the flag we wave at JIDA--the improvised threat," he said when asked about the difference between JIDA and another combat service support organization, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, which concentrates on weapons of mass destruction.
The most notable difference between JIDA and JIEDDO will be the budget, he said.
Don't come to JIDA with a great idea and your hand out," he said.
JIDA will take its understanding of the threat, share the information with the community and focus on technological solutions that can be delivered in the zero- to two-year time frame, while also keeping an eye on the two to five, and five and out years for emerging threats, he said.
JIDA intends to fill the "information deficit" by using social media and special operations forces, he said.
JIDA can be an advocate for keeping these data collection systems running and making sure they transition to programs of record, Egan said.
Edwards said JIDA will concentrate on the bomb threats in the Middle East, North Africa and Colombia, while keeping an eye on trends in the rest of the world.
JIDA will continue to do what it did best, he said.
Peter Singer, senior fellow at the New America Foundation, said, "for JIDA to stay relevant, it will have to keep pace with how the threat is evolving, not just in use, but users.
The SPA team is excited about this opportunity to support JIDA as they undergo a significant transition and broadening mission following the Iraq/Afghanistan wars," said Kirk Donald, President and Chief Executive Officer.