JIDCJoint Interrogation and Debriefing Center
JIDCJournal of Infection in Developing Countries
JIDCJoint Interrogation and Detention Center (US Army; Abu Ghraib prison)
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The interrogation operations section, normally headed by a senior warrant officer and interrogator, is the heart of JIDC activity.
Designating a legal advisor to support the JIDC is consistent with the concept of METT-TC (mission, enemy, troops, terrain and weather, time available, and civilian considerations) based "tailored" operational legal support described in FM 27-100.
As a strategic HUMINT collection platform, the JIDC exercised four Lines of Effort-interrogations, document and media exploitation (DOMEX), analysis, and collection management and dissemination.
JIDC Liaison Officers further assisted with dissemination and facilitated quality feedback and requests from our consumer organizations (e.
The JIDC established metrics that described the effectiveness of inputs as well as outputs.
As discussed the JIDC developed its MoP and MoE with respect to its Lines of Effort and with the JIDC system in mind.
16) The JIDC process was supervised and coordinated by the executive officer/ chief of staff under the guidance of the Deputy Commander.
The operational assessment process provided the JIDC Commander with feedback to assess interrogation effectiveness and prioritize resources accordingly.
HUMINT at theater, operational and strategic levels is also being expanded, to include the four JIDC battalions, each with 84 interrogators and required command and staff support.
Increasing MI capacity and skills balance through major increases in tactical unit intelligence staff sections, establishment of organic intelligence companies in modular BCTs, establishment of new MI collection battalions in Army BfSBs and formation of new JIDC Battalions.