JIEDDOJoint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (US DoD)
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While the random nature of violence in insurgencies made absolute safety impossible to ensure, the JIEDDO did implement several novel technological innovations.
The military is the biggest customer for these technologies, but as the demise of JIEDDO shows, the Defense Department is taking its eye off the ball in this regard.
Formation of the JIEDDO created a joint organization whose primary mission was to reduce, eliminate, and defeat IEDs that insurgents were using against U.
While JIEDDO has developed various output performance measures, it has not yet developed a means for reliably measuring the overall effectiveness of its efforts and investments to combat IEDs.
The most notable difference between JIDA and JIEDDO will be the budget, he said.
Thereafter, Director JIEDDO held bilateral talks with Director General Military Operations and Chairman CIEDO.
Sponsored by TARDEC and JIEDDO, through the Maneuver Battle Lab, the Robotics Rodeo brings together the defense, homeland security, academia and industry communities to energize robots in support of the warfighter.
Brigadier General Michael Shields, USA is the Deputy Director of Operations and Requirements for JIEDDO.
Then, of course, there's the response to the counter improvised explosive device effort and the whole JIEDDO [Joint IED Defeat Organization] process.
JIEDDO was established to coordinate and focus all counter-IED efforts, including ongoing research and development, throughout DOD.
We are excited to continue supporting JIEDDO to enable successful execution of their mission," said Dennis Kelly, president and CEO of A-T Solutions.
JIEDDO is another organization that was created to meet urgent needs.