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JIFFJeonju International Film Festival (Jeonju, South Korea)
JIFFJump Into Foods and Fitness (various locations)
JIFFJakarta International Film Festival (est. 1999; Indonesia)
JIFFJapan International Friendship and Welfare Foundation
JIFFJust In Finding Faults
JIFFJewish Impact Films Fellowship (Los Angeles, CA)
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STAR QUALITY Jiff poses for pictures on his hind legs
It would be hard to miss popularity with Steve Martin in the title role as a producer-director who has little going for him except an insane self-confidence, and Eddie Murphy as both Kit Ramsey, the unavailable star around whom Bowfinger shoots his movie without Kit knowing it, and Jiff Ramsey, his goofy-looking brother with glasses who is down on his luck.
And he's almost as funny in a second role, Jiff, a sweet Ramsey look-alike enlisted by Bowfinger when he can't find the real Ramsey.
However, the demonstration did not include the download from the web, so there was no way to judge how long that would take - Geschke said that it was typically 10% to 20% faster than standard JIFF downloads.
Place lime half, cut side down, in bottom bowl; bring top down over lime and apply pressure - you'll have juice in a jiff.
It is the second deal for Rosemark; its first, with enterprise solution HealthTech company Jiff, was announced in early June.
PKF will be lucky to keep Fiser, who is currently one of the finalists in the competition for a new assistant concertmaster at the Czech Philharmonic --and said to be the favorite of Jiff Belohlavek, brought back as chief conductor and music director by new management in 201Q.
Spiritually oriented interventions jiff counseling and psychotherapy.
Meryl just go world | Jiff - Fastest time to complete 5m on front legs by a dog Guinness World Records 2013.
jiff Performing and Reporting on peer Reviews provides a definition of when a matter is a repeat in an engagement review.
She travels to Cork with Jiff and her mother to compete against the big-money teams to see if she can make it.
I'll just slide out of this old apron, run upstairs, change and be back in a jiff.