JIHJournal of Interdisciplinary History (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press)
JIHJapan Information Highway (submarine cable system)
JIHJournal of Indian History
JIHJournal of Industrial Hemp
JIHJapan Institute of Hypnosis
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Brooks' article, "Revising the Conquest of Mexico: Smallpox, Sources and Population," originally published in the JIH (Spring 1993:1-29).
Jih Sun Futures is the brokerage arm of Taiwan-based Jih Sun Financial Holdings Co.
Pri izvedbi raziskovalnega programa znotraj akademskega okolja administrativno osebje ali starejsi akademiki pogosto silijo k uporabi drugacnih raziskovalnih metod od tistih, ki jih je znanstvenik sam izbral.
Interestingly, JIH AP had divided itself into two units of Andhra and Telangana before the government's decision.
nuqDaq 'oH puchpa''''e'' The Daily Post is the best newspaper in WalesjoH''a'' ''oH wIj DevwI'' jIH DIchDaq Hutlh Would you like to dance with me?
Meanwhile, JIH expressed concern over conviction of Bangladesh Jamt leaders for alleged 1971 war crimes without giving them full opportunity to defend.
There's still plenty of uncertainty before investors get more sense how much further the three issues will deteriorate," said Dennes Chang, chief investment officer of Jih Sun Securities Investment Trust referring to concern over slowdowns in the United States and China and the euro zone debt problems.
The man, referred to in court as JIH, had previously obtained an order stopping the media publishing information about his private life.
Several front organisations of the JIH like Movement for Peace and Justice, Students Islamic Organisation and Girls Islamic Organisation took part in the meeting.
Some researchers, for example, Poole (1970), Adrian and Enberg (1971), Gowitzke and Waddell (1979), Tang (1995), Tsai, Huang, and Jih (1995, 1997), Chang (2002), and Hsiao (2005), explored the speed of a shuttlecock.
The former Terminal Jih 2 (Terminal South 2) will become known as Terminal 3 General Aviation (T3) and Terminal Jih 1 (Terminal South 1) will be Terminal 4 Military (T4).