JIICJewellery Industry Innovation Centre (Birmingham City University; UK)
JIICJamaica International Insurance Company Limited
JIICJoint and Interagency Information Center
JIICJunction Isolated Integrated Circuit
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Best expects JIIC to continue reporting combined ratios of below 95 per cent.
As an integral member within the GK Group's financial services, JIIC enjoys strong parental support and commitment as evidenced by past capital contributions and its parent's stated willingness to make additional funds available should the need arise, the rater added.
The ratings will remain under review pending further discussions with JIIC management regarding the impact of the NDX on the company's operations, its parent and the Jamaican macroeconomic environment.
This decision reflects the company's strategy to specialise in non-motor segments, in particular medical healthcare, in which JIIC can exert greater control over underwriting.
Carey worked with Hazel Forsyth, the Senior Curator of the Medieval and Post-Medieval Collections at the Museum of London, and Keith Adcock, a Senior CADCAM Technologist at JIIC.
Historically, JIIC reported consistent overall earnings as a result of its steady investment income, and this has enabled the company to consistently enhance its capital position.
The rating affirmations reflect JIIC s strong market profile, continued adequate capitalization and financial flexibility as a result of the support and commitment of its parent, GraceKennedy Limited (GK Group), one of the leading business conglomerates in the region.
The JIIC is affiliated to the University of England's School of Jewellery in the quarter, but receives Government regional development fund cash to work with industry in the West Midlands rather than students.
Historically, JIIC has reported consistent earnings as a result of its conservative operating strategies and steady investment income.
Speaking as the JIIC celebrates its tenth anniversary, Ms Penfold said there was increasing opportunities for jewellers to make their names with commissioned works.
Historically, JIIC has reported consistent earnings due to effective underwriting controls and conservative operating strategies.
For Birmingham-based Broadway & Co, their work with the JIIC presented itself with a political link.