JIIMJoint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, and Multinational
JIIMJournal of Information and Image Management (Association for Information and Image Management)
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During the JRTC rotation 14-05 in-progress review held at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, SOTD facilitated a conversation about the future of UW and NSL with JIIM partners and leaders from every corner of ARSOF.
The CAC desired outcome is for branch captains to demonstrate an understanding of culture and the ability to leverage that knowledge in a JIIM environment with a level of competence necessary to serve as staff officers and leaders within a complex environment.
If the IRIS payload is able to deliver on these promises, the result would be improved connectivity, more affordable bandwidth and more flexibility in operations with JIIM partners.
Enhanced preparation of these new lieutenants to lead regionally engaged teams in the JIIM environment has come to the training forefront.
To achieve these capabilities, we must transform into an agile, adaptive institution that serves as the main effort and key integrator for the Army's development of a unified distribution net-work operating in a JIIM environment.
Given the complexities in the JIIM environment and the requirements in operational design, decision support is critical to mission success.
JIIM Pharmaceuticals is the company responsible for funding the research, development and clinical safety testing of Doctor's Lotion the new topical lotion designed to aid women's sexual satisfaction.
A current example of JIIM is the ongoing support to various Southwest border security operations.
FLF015 11/03/2000 12:14 r f bc-FL-JIIM-Pharmaceut (MIAMI) JIIM Pharmaceuticals Finalizes A Distribution Deal With Phoenix Distributors
This will not diminish the interaction between these key JIIM enablers.
We are expected to instill 21st Century Soldier Competencies into our newest members: character and accountability; comprehensive fitness; adaptability and initiative; lifelong learner (including digital literacy); teamwork and collaboration; communication and engagement; critical thinking and problem solving; cultural and JIIM competence; and tactical and technical competence.
The future operating environment will challenge the Army to develop adaptive and agile Soldiers and leaders imbued with the Warrior Ethos, capable of leading combined arms formations and of functioning effectively in the complex environment as integral members of a JIIM team.