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JILJesus Is Lord
JILJoint Innovation Lab (telecommunications)
JILJaringan Islam Liberal (religion forum; Indonesia)
JILJefferies International Limited
JILJoint Innovation Laboratory (application development platform)
JILJobs in Locations
JILJoint Intelligence Laboratory (USJFCOM Joint Transformation Command-Intelligence)
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UDeCOTT failed to pay JIL for the value of completed works at the Chancery Lane project and then later reneged on an agreement to pay a negotiated settlement in excess of US$4 million.
In addition, demonstrating continued momentum, WAC announced the completion of the purchase of the JIL assets on 1st October 2010.
There is no competition between the Wholesale Applications Community and JIL, as all members of JIL are also members of the community, according to Sinclair.
The JIL will initially focus on creating a single global platform for developers to encourage the creation of a wide range of innovative and useful mobile widgets.
The survey covered 6,800 companies in the tertiary industry, of which 1,379 responded, JIL said.
Unification with JIL will prove a significant boost for the Wholesale Application Community's efforts to achieve a global, open development platform.
The JIL will focus on the rapidly growing areas of mobile internet services, such as mobile widgets*.
ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands, February 15 /PRNewswire/ -- The Joint Innovation Lab (JIL) today announces that handset manufacturers, HTC, Huawei Device, Lenovo and ZTE will support the new JIL 1.
Mobile Applications Can Be Used Across JIL, Betavine, Nokia Web Runtime, iPhone and Android
MARCHESA MARC JACOBS ELIE SAAB JIL SANDER Grecian style: Natalie in Azzaro dress at Screen Actors Guild awards Pretty in pink: Julianne wore this Lanvin gown to Golden Globes Wacky taste: Helena wears mis-matched shoes to the Golden Globes Go with the flow: Amy went for princess gown at the Golden Globes
JIL members also announced that they will join the newly formed Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) to ensure that mobile developers can reach as many mobile customers as simply and as cost effectively as possible.