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JIMOJupiter Icy Moons Orbiter (NASA)
JIMOJoint Institute for Marine Observations
JIMOJournal of Industrial and Management Optimization (American Institute of Mathematical Sciences)
JIMOJournal of the International Meteor Organization ( bimonthly journal)
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JIMO would show nuclear reactors can be operated safely and reliably in space to provide electrical power needed for propulsion and scientific exploration.
JIMO will be an ambitious project and Boeing is ready to develop new ways to travel and explore the solar system," said Joe Mills, Boeing vice president and program manager for JIMO.
Boeing Phantom Works, the company's advanced R&D unit, took a best-of- industry approach to build its JIMO team, which includes the company's NASA Systems, Boeing Satellite Systems, Boeing Electronic Dynamic Devices Inc.
will evaluate reactor options for the JIMO spacecraft.
The Lockheed Martin team brings decades of experience from across the country to the JIMO program, including its leading role in NASA's deep space science missions, leading the SP-100 space reactor development program, and being the only supplier of space radioisotope power conversion systems to NASA for more than 25 years.
The design studies will evaluate many different technologies for the reactor, power conversion, electric propulsion, and other aspects of the JIMO spacecraft and follow-on missions.
JIMO would maintain maximum flexibility in its launch opportunities, would observe each of the moons for long periods then move to the next, and would make unprecedented electrical power available to its instrument suite.
As such, the JIMO mission has three top-level science goals: