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JINI[not an acronym] a Java network technology of Sun Micro Systems
JINIJava Intelligent Network Infrastructure
JINIJini Is Not Initials
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The starter kit is intended to enable developers to build Jini clients and services.
TM]," its Java programming language initiative "write once, run anywhere," and now with Jini from one of its lead scientists, Bill Joy.
An engineer at Sun stated that the UPnP approach to low-level networking (assigning IP addresses) is fine since Jini does not address that layer.
Where Microsoft scores in its use of open standards for communication as against Sun's JINI, it loses out heavily in being Windows-dependent, whereas JINI being Java-based is platform independent and has code mobility.
Having travelled up from Bridgend, she was showing Jini for the first time and is proving a quick leaner.
McCallum's internet firm, Jini Global plc, have been in talks with the Ewood Park club following their return to the English Premiership.
TM] technology, Jini enables all types of devices to simply connect into impromptu networks, making access to and delivery of new network services as simple as plugging in a telephone.
The old sea of object vision is not going to happen," said Maritz, taking a swipe at Sun's Jini, which is based on remote method invocation, and also at the Object Management Group's now somewhat elderly Corba services.
These books cover some of the latest developments on Java, including the Jini technology and JavaSpace architecture.