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JINNJoint Institute for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (est. 2001; Washington)
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It is very common in Middle East that people know someone who has a Jinn story, so it's nice to take that and turn it into a fun and mysterious teen adventure that everyone can enjoy.
The sources said that the army granted amnesty to 350 gunmen that had handed over their weapons to the army men and joined peace in Beit Jinn region in Southwestern Damascus.
In recent weeks, the army units, in cooperation with the popular defense groups, have carried out a military operation in Beit Jinn and Mogher al-Mir in order to restore security and stability to the area.
Orsted general manager Asia Pacific and Taiwan chairman Matthias Bausenwein stated: We believe that this collaboration will not only bring more opportunities to Woen Jinn in Taiwan, but it will also support our partner to become a competitive offshore wind cable installation supplier in Asia.
Here, a lemur-toting jinn hunter--who introduces herself as the scheduled hunter's apprentice--interviews members of a space crew affected by a jinn infestation.
In the end, despite "a wild international spree of decapitations, crucifixions, and stonings" perpetrated by the dark jinn and their entranced followers, reason prevails.
Unbeknownst to Ibn Rushd, a great princess of the jinn chooses him to explore the human experience of love.
2) In so doing, this paper aims at bridging "the metonymic gap" in Kipling's poetry and exploring his attitudes towards some Islamic precepts such as Asma' Allah Al-Husna (English: Allah's Beautiful Names), Al-Shahadah (English: the Testimony), Al-Sirat (English: the Path), and Jinn.
Zeren brings Ayla to her stately home to recover, but it turns out that the girl believes it was a jinn who killed their mom.
Rushdie's jinn are mischievous, lascivious creatures, made of "smokeless fire" and generally disinterested in unfortunate human concerns about right and wrong.
Jinn captured first place in the 500 freestyle at the Division 2 state championships and added a second-place finish in the 200 freestyle.