JINRJoint Institute for Nuclear Research (Russia)
JINRJournal of Interesting Negative Results
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In the framework of deepening cooperation between Armenia and the JINR, Hovhannes Azizyan presented to the guests investment attractiveness of Armenia, state-private partnership mechanisms and tools, advantages of implementing Meghri FEZ, as well as Pan-Armenian Investment Fund projects.
as early as in Soviet times via Armenian physicists' participation in implementation of JINR projects and scientific conferences organized
Bunatian is a senior staff member in the Neutron Physics Laboratory of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, JINR, Dubna, Moscow region, Russia, 141980.
The program is successfully implemented by leading institutions of the NASU which cooperates tightly with CERN and JINR and can boast with significant achievements and research in high energy physics and nuclear physics.
Bogoliubov of the NASU must be evaluated in the direction of improvement of a program of processing of results of experiments on ALICE detector and the Scientific-technical complex Institute of single crystals of NASU in creating of unique detectors of particles for CERN and JINR experiments.
Samoilov governs numerous common scientific projects on the nuclear safety between JINR and DOE, which include close communications with the US National Laboratories such as BNL, SNL and PNNL.
New charged spinless bosons at interface between vacuum and a gas of electrons with low density, Preprint E17-2002-96 of JINR, Dubna, Russia, 2002.
It should be noted that 10 new elements were synthesed during the last 25 years: 5 elements were synthesed in GSI*, 4 elements were synthesed in JINR ([dagger]) (2 of these--in common with LLNL ([double dagger])), and 1 element was synthesed in LBNL ([section]).