JINRJoint Institute for Nuclear Research (Russia)
JINRJournal of Interesting Negative Results
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Bunatian, E4-2000-19 Preprint of JINR, Dubna, Russia (2000);/aps2000feb17_001.
Hence, taking into account significant contribution of Ukrainian scientists in making research by CERN and JINR and also a possibility to maintain program support in Ukraine of scientific research in the area of high energy physics and nuclear physics, there has been adopted a decision to continue such cooperation, V.
Vladimir Ignatovich is a senior scientist at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research JINR in Dubna, Russia.
Oganessian and his colleagues of JINR accelerated neutron-rich calcium-48 ions in a circular particle accelerator and then steered them into a spinning, saucer-size ring of americium-coated titanium foil.
Scientific Center of Applied Research, JINR, Dubna, 141980, Russia.
It should be noted that 10 new elements were synthesed during the last 25 years: 5 elements were synthesed in GSI*, 4 elements were synthesed in JINR ([dagger]) (2 of these--in common with LLNL ([double dagger])), and 1 element was synthesed in LBNL ([section]).