JINSJoint Institute for Neutron Sciences (Tennessee)
JINSJournal of the International Neuropsychological Society
JINSJournal of Indigenous Nations Studies (Michigan State University)
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About JINS JINS is a Japanese eyewear company, which was founded in 2001.
Based on this rich information (deep data) obtained through eye and head movements, JINS MEME provides various possibilities in applications including indicating "fatigue" or "drowsiness" during daily activities, while also measuring activity levels.
Since the announcement in May 2014, JINS MEME has already caught researchers' attention around the world for its potential in a wide range of research from medical to behavioral analyses.
The proposed JINS MEME ACADEMIC PACK has a firmware designated only for academic research while having the same Wellington-type hardware as JINS MEME for consumers.
To block the overexposure of blue light and combat eye health concerns, JINS SCREEN lenses reduce the transmission of light in the 460 nm range by 25 percent via two pathways: coating and substrate.
JINS, a sponsor of the event, showcased JINS SCREEN as an example of how consumers can better manage blue light consumption.
JINS collaborated with San Francisco architecture firm Kwan Henmi to create a unique, gallery-like retail setting that artfully blends nature with minimalism.
This simplicity and accessibility has deep roots in the JINS brand, and are qualities that recur throughout our store design.
Quality: Japanese Craftsmanship in Every Pair JINS pioneered the concept of affordable, high-quality eyewear nearly a decade ago in Japan, and has always believed that quality should never be delivered with an added surcharge for consumers.
Weeks JINS is reinventing the in-store eyewear shopping experience with unprecedented simplicity and speed.
Of particular note is the JINS PC (R), released in September 2011 and with total sales of more than 3.
A joint industry-university technology development effort has succeeded in developing with the JINS MEME the world's first 3point Electro Oculogy Sensor (patent pending) that can also be used for eyewear.