JIOCJoint Intelligence Operations Center (Pearl Harbor, HI)
JIOCJoint Information Operations Center
JIOCJoint Intelligence Operations Command
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JIOC offers a two week in residence course in Joint Information Operations that familiarizes allied students with U.
We are currently exploring avenues for expanding the number of participating countries in our JIOC either by opening the existing course to additional countries or offering additional courses.
One question that inevitably arises during JIOC command briefings is how the USPACOM JIOC is different from its predecessor, the Joint Intelligence Center Pacific.
Pacific Command has a long history of aggressive intelligence and operations collaboration that was forged in World War II and is illustrative of the modern JIOC concept.
Soldiers will be able to send text, voice and video directly into the JIOC database, where the information will be analyzed and disseminated throughout the theater of operations.
The PDA will have a "bio-cam" plug-in device so when a soldier comes across a suspect, he can take a picture of his face, fingerprint him and send the information to the JIOC database via satellite, said Schnurr.
Maj Gen Paul Lebras, USAF, AIA and JIOC Commander (invited), IO Contributions to the War on Terror
Major General Paul Lebras, AIA and JIOC Commander (Invited) IO Contributions to the War on Terror
Moreover, because the SPACECOM mission includes computer network defense, computer network attack, and JIOC operational control, it is logical to take the integration of space and information operations to the next level.
Assigning JIOC and computer network defense and attack missions to SPACECOM should contribute to integrating and merging joint space support teams with JIOC support teams and create joint information superiority teams.
From the junior Soldiers responsible for their performance and conduct as part of PACOM JIOC or USFK J2 to the FOUNDRY Program Manager overseeing the 25th's efforts, all of these are leadership development opportunities.
Army Intelligence has several complementary initiatives to the JIOC.