JIPBJournal of Integrative Plant Biology
JIPBJoint Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace
JIPBJoint Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (DoD)
JIPBJoint Intelligence Processing Board
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While the increased emphasis the effects-based literature places on "nodes" and "links" may remain less comfortable, this merely attaches concrete terms that facilitate a systems view of the battlespace to considerations already inherent in JIPB.
The most critical of these fall into three categories: "foundational"; associated with either SoSA-enhanced JIPB or BDA; and "guiding.
In the JIPB area, intelligence staff training must routinely incorporate--even if only via reachback--collaboration with interagency partners whose responsibilities lie in the same region, and should prepare J2 (Intelligence) personnel and their counterparts to:
know the value of cultural and psychological understanding and other nontraditional expertise to a SoSA-enhanced JIPB process--that is, JIPB applied to all PMESII dimensions
JIPB attempts to answer many of these questions but does not completely take the data to a level of understanding of how each piece interrelates and has particular influence on a general population.