JIPLJournal of Intellectual Property Law (est. 1993; University of Georgia School of Law)
JIPLJava Interface for Prolog
JIPLJainendra Industries Pvt. Ltd. (Haryana, India)
JIPLJonassen Industrial Projects Ltd. (Albany, Auckland, New Zealand)
JIPLJupiter Intermediates Pvt. Ltd. (India)
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Even the forest land in the power station area, for which Stage-II forest clearance was accorded by the central government in November 2010, has not been handed over to JIPL till now.
The ED had found that the foreign investment in JIPL was made much prior to its incorporation and funds were remitted in an irregular manner and shares were sought to be issued in contravention of FEMA.
Accordingly, three penalties were imposed -- Rs 50 crore on JIPL and its directors, Rs 34 crore on Mauritius-based EM Sporting Holding and its directors including Manoj Badale and Suresh Chellaram and Rs 14.
Cuadro 1: Mapa general de las asociaciones en el sector lacteo argentino Asociaciones Tradicionales Trabajadores y Produccion Industria Consumidores SRA CIL ATILRA CRA FAA UGT JIPL FECET CONINAGRO Asociaciones Nuevas Trabajadores y Produccion Industria Consumidores APLECOR APyMEL ONGs de APLESAFE--Mesa de consumidores Productores de Santa Fe GD APLENOBA APLESOBEP 2[grados] grado: APL PLASSACO CAPROLECOBA UPLCMyS CLAN CLAS Mesa Nacional de Productores Lecheros CAPROLEBA FAPROLE
JIPL had moved a proposal to issue 100 per cent foreign equity worth over $ 5.