JIPTCJordanian International Police Training Center (Amman, Jordan)
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Partly by virtue of its JIPTC training, the PG 3rd--a battalion of approximately 400 men normally headquartered in Ramallah--was designated as the specialized counterterrorism unit within the PG and as a strategic reserve for all other PA forces.
sponsored training at JIPTC, troops from the NSF 3rd Special Battalion were deployed throughout the West Bank during the conflict to help other PA forces (approximately 1,600 total security personnel) handle public order as Palestinians began to demonstrate in protest of the Israeli military action in Gaza.
To the extent that successes have been spearheaded by existing troops and battalions as opposed to new recruits, skeptics could argue that the PG 3rd that assisted in the Jenin operation was a capable battalion to begin with and that the NSF 2nd was successful in the late-2007 Nablus surge operation before its JIPTC training.
sponsored JIPTC training) that resulted in the death of a man with suspected ties to Hamas, (121) the PA has publicly insisted that it is taking steps to prevent future incidents.