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JISJamaica Information Service
JISJapanese Industrial Standard
JISJournal of Islamic Studies
JISJournal of Integer Sequences
JISJakarta International School
JISJoint Information System (local/national emergency preparedness)
JISJuggling Information Service
JISJudicial Information Systems
JISJust in Sequence (automotive industry)
JISJapanese Institute of Standards
JISJournal of Infrastructure Systems (ASCE)
JISJapanese International System
JISJordanian International School (Amman, Jordan)
JISJob Instruction Sheet
JISJoint Integrated Schedule/Simulation (International Space Station)
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Along with the effectiveness of the new standard implementation, textile products must be labelled with care symbols according to the JIS L0001-2014 in order to be accepted in the Japanese market.
E-Cell of JIS College of Engineering is a non-profit student organization that aims to promote entrepreneurship among students.
Feng Hsin will also benefit from the Japanese earthquake because it acquired the JIS certification in 2008.
James met Washington in prison in 2004 and introduced him to JIS and its beliefs.
Although the TS of MDI- and PF-bonded boards appeared on the same straight line in Figure 5 for the V313-ASTM-6c relationship, the TS values of PF-bonded boards after the JIS treatments formed a different line from the MDI line (open symbols).
Because of high demand from the participants, instead of scheduling the event yearly, the organizers led by Joe Tecson, JIS Tennis Club Chairman, announced that they will hold the event twice a year.
9: Minimum Battery capacity based on charge/discharge levels as established by JIS C8708 2004 (4.
Levar Haney Washington, 25, allegedly joined the JIS and swore allegiance to James just before being released from New Folsom in November 2004, having served his six-year sentence for a 1999 assault and robbery.
The JIS 6-Pin is made up of a urethane, wrapping-style element with a much longer life than the previous equipment, plus a #347 stainless steel locking ring.
The JIS editors' comments illustrate the progress of an academic journal, from a developmental stage where it struggled to attract resources and high-quality content to its current status as a widely accepted, high-quality research outlet.
Under the agreement JIS Nederland will provide the company with the Jeeves Enterprise ERP system at an initial order value of SEK900,000.
DOWNERS GROVE, ILL, The new JIS 6-Pin Jaw In-Shear elastomeric couplings incorporate a new design that improves the no-tools elastomeric locking system, adds six larger sizes extending maximum bore up to 9 in.