JISAJiloca Industrial SA (Spain)
JISAJapan Information Service Industry Association
JISAJapan Information Technology Service Industry Association (est. 1984)
JISAJamaica Intercollegiate Sports Association
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The best buy JISAs are Coventry Building Society's 3.
It's worth seeing if there's a JISA version of your CTF with lower charges.
Thankfully, since April 6 2015 you've been allowed to convert savings CTFs into JISAs, and, as the rates are higher it's a no brainer - just apply for a JISA then fill in the transfer forms.
By starting early and maximising the JISA subscription allowance each year, parents investing with Alliance Trust Savings could build a substantial savings pot of Au117,616 for their child over an 18 year period*.
Now we've got everything from the CISA to SISA, JISA to FISA and the HISA.
If you've got a cash JISA or C A TF don't think you're locked in with a provider.
JISA representatives were briefed about the mechanisms adopted to enhance performance, effectiveness of work and the delivery of e-services to ensure that the eGovernment strategy is achieved and finalised by 2016.
Japan Notary Organization; JISA (Japan Information Service Industry Assn); KPMG; KPMG Consulting; Lawson Software; Microsoft Corporation; Microsoft Great Plains Software, Inc.
Explain clearly they cannot access the JISA money until they are 18.
All children who are under 18 and live in the UK are eligible for a JISA providing they weren't eligible for a Child Trust Fund account.