JISRJournal of Independent Studies and Research (Pakistan)
JISRJoint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
JISRJapan Institute of Systems Research
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Operations in Afghanistan, and more recently in Libya, underlined several shortfalls in Alliance JISR processes, which have also been identified as BI-SC Priority Shortfall Areas: among others, scarce JISR assets, lack of efficient intelligence sharing for dynamic targeting, insufficient JISR dedicated staff preparedness, and over-dependence on a few nations for skilled officers trained in dynamic targeting operations.
Informally at first, then codified at the 2012 Chicago Summit, (4) the NATO JISR initiative was born.
The trial was organized around mission threads--one for every area of JISR to be tested per the objectives.
Data from any JISR sensor, so long as it is compliant with the STANAGs and connected to the network, can now get to any NATO joint agency or player.
To do that, every JISR sensor will need to have the ability to be responsive to every joint C2 entity that may be participating in a NATO operation.
The JISR sensor will also need to be able to push its tactical ISR data to tactical (such as a battalion tactical operations center), operational (such as a component headquarters), or even strategic (the JTF HQ or NATO HQ) echelons of C2.
As all this happens, all JISR players must possess a high level of situational awareness regarding the tactical scenario.
JISR allows users to define information requirements and "pull" data from various DOD source systems that satisfy those requirements; the application displays the resulting information in a 2D-visualization tool.
The JISR ACTD will migrate the application from its own server to one, or more, of the existing ISR systems as a software module.
Both Vizier and JISR will make significant additional demands on our tactical bandwidth.
Both Vizier (now) and JISR (in the future) possess functionality that enables users to share products dynamically.
Microlanguage expects their involvement in JISR to continue through the Deployment phase of JISR which is scheduled to begin in FY04.