JITEMJandarma Istihbarat Teskilati (Turkish Gendarme Intelligence Agency)
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Prosecutors allege the JITEM unit was operating as part of a plot to provoke instability, hatched by forces within the Turkish state opposed to Turkey's EU entry--and including the probable next head of the Turkish General Staff, General Yasar Buyukanit.
And so, we have to ask from the point we have reached today, have we really managed to transform the state mentality and structures that lie behind units such as JITEM, the Special War Department, TUSHAD, all the coups, the political assassinations and so many other horrible acts, or have we just managed to push this mentality and these structures into a corner?
The terrorist organization, which forces shopkeepers to take down their shutters, prevents municipal services and declares a curfew, acts violent against Kurdish people who have taken a deep breath thanks to the discharge of JITEM forces.
Retired colonel Arif Dogan, a suspect of the Ergenekon case who claims to establish the gendarmery intelligence unit JITEM, made striking remarks when testifying to Prosecutor Zekeriya Oz.
Retired colonel Varimli is claimed to be sent to the United States together with Major Cem Ersever, who is said to be the founder of JITEM (gendarmery intelligence).
Eight people, claimed to be PKK confessors and JITEM (gendarmery intelligence) members were detained in southeastern town of Silopi under an instruction of the prosecutor of the Ergenekon case.