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JITOJust In Time Oscillator
JITOJoinery Industry Training Organisation (Wellington, New Zealand)
JITOJain International Trade Organisation (ethical business practices; India)
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perspective of the Jito and post-Jito courts, which is reflected in the
This reflects the Jito court's interest in re-establishing a
50) The Jito court transforms the Tenmu court narrative of
Jito "values modesty and propriety" as the daughter of an
The Jito volume thus adopts the main features of the Tenmu volume
The Jito volume's version of the past maintains the
Asukakyo was the site of the palaces of Japanese sovereigns from the time of Empress Suiko's accession to the throne in 593 until Empress Jito moved the political and cultural center northwest to a new palace in Fujiwarakyo.
Indeed we observe an example of the complete lack of loyalty among half-siblings of the same father, when Jito, considered a good empress, successfully assisted her uncle/husband Temmu (673-85) in overthrowing his nephew - actually her own half-brother by a different mother - in 673.
Curiously, current scholarship has not pointed out that these powerful Tang women were approximately contemporary with other women rulers, such as Suiko, Kogyoku/Saimei, Jito, Sondok, and Chindok.
44 Jito was also probably involved in the plot to kill the heir-apparent, Ohotsu, in 686, the offspring of her full sister and her own husband Temmu.
It is our hope that experiments like EarthScope will enable the world's scientific community to better understand earthquakes and the underlying factors that cause them and, ultimately, contribute to better early warning systems and processes," said Northern President, Jito Coleman.
and abroad," noted Jito Coleman, president of Northern Power Systems.