JITOAJordan Inbound Tour Operators Association
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creating itineraries that include both volunteering and tourism," said Executive Director of JITOA Nizar Adarbeh,.
Here at JITOA, we are developing a national initiative, 'VolunTourism Jordan', to address this.
In 2010, JITOA invited David Clemmons, founder of VolunTourism.
Expanding on these first, successful discussions and interactions on the subject, JITOA has continued to pursue VolunTourism for Jordan and has once again brought Clemmons back, this time, to concentrate on creating "VolunTourism Jordan".
Through a second round of funding support from (JSMP/JEDCO), JITOA is conducting focus this month with university faculty, NGOs, community-based organizations, tour operators, and governmental figures throughout Jordan.
Joining JITOA staff and Clemmons to facilitate the focus groups is Dr Jan Louise Jones, Graduate Coordinator and Travel & Tourism Management Advisor in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies from the School of Health and Human Services at Southern Connecticut State University.
JITOA members this year reached approximately 70, an increase of 11.
We are looking forward to expanding the project and implementing it in other universities other than QRITCH to include more students and host organizations," said Mohammad Samih, JITOA chairman
JITOA chairman Mohammad Samih, thanked Barakat and emphasized that the tour represented an important step towards developing business relationships with local tour operators
JITOA guests were welcomed by the hospitable staff at the main dining room restaurant of the hotel with capacity of 400 seats, which serves Middle Eastern and international buffets along with extensive a la carte menu
Speaking to JITOA members she said association members don't realize they are owners and are there to make an investment, build a relationship and understand that membership has an ownership role.
From this program, JITOA hopes that it would establish a long-term trend of sustainability in event and destination management, create a 'trainer to trainer program' not just in Jordan but for the Arab region, build a new generation of professionals in line with international standards and create new products to attract innovative business in Jordan," added Bashiti.