JITTJust-In-Time Teaching (pedagogical system)
JITTJunk in the Trunk, LLC (Chevy Chase, Maryland)
JITTJust in Time Training
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In contrast, compared with other classes the instructor taught in a more traditional format, the flipped classroom required more preparation time immediately before class in relation to the JITT methods.
Overall, the instructor found that the JITT techniques allowed for expanded coverage of course material and increased the depth of student understanding of course material.
Unlike the case of typical business workflows, the JITT representation captures processes that affect an individual and their learning about the appropriate processes and policies within the workplace.
Since JITT has been designed to be highly modular, we designed it to allow for several teaching agents, each potentially taking a different strategy for its teaching.
This also provides an overview of JITT from the user's perspective.
JITT is intended to work in either push or pull mode.
JITT also operates in a pull mode when the user initiates a search request (in the "Search Learning Centre" text area in the top right corner of the window).
Figure 5 indicates the types of changes in the interface in the later visits to the JITT site.
The workflows in JITT are simplified versions of standard business workflows that may exist for the organization, such as a purchasing process or examination script process, except that their nodes may link to metadata about the concepts being dealt with at this point of the workflow.
This means that the user can maintain some level of control over the way that their student model is interpreted by JITT.
The current JITT prototype has two sources of evidence about the user's knowledge.
However, in JITT, the nature of the learning and the use of workflows to define the granularity of learning tasks makes it easier for the teacher to define concepts (and hence metadata) at the right grain size.