JJPJournal of Juristic Papyrology (est. 1946)
JJPJapanese Journal of Physiology (now Journal of Physiological Sciences)
JJPJudicial Justice of the Peace (Canada)
JJPJesus, Justice and Poverty
JJPJuvenile Justice Programme (Ministry of Home Affairs; Sri Lanka)
JJPJoe Jefferson Players, Inc. (Mobile, AL)
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Senior members of BCP to punish the two captured Maoists organised a people's court and in a rare judgment gave freedom and threatened them of dire consequences if they did not leave JJP permanently.
Warner JJP, Caborn DNM, Berger R, Fu FH, Seel M 1993: Dynamic capsuloligamentous anatomy of the glenohumeral joint.
Morton JJP, Malone HH (1972) Evaluation of vulnerary activity by open wound procedure in rats, Arch Int Pharmacodyn 196: 117
Landsborough, is at present on leave of absence; however we have two JJP on the island at present .
Timo Alakotila might not be a familiar figure in the UK, but he's a member of JJP, Troka and Aldargaz, three of Finland's most popular folk groups.
DaveBarry0: They should have the JJPresnall Diet, wherein JJP just tells everybody they're thinner.
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May i reply to JJP who chose to air his/her views in Vent Your Spleen.
5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- JJP Companies Montana Dakota announced construction on the first phase of the Misty Creek subdivision is complete and 28 homes now are available for immediate occupancy.
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