JJRJean Jacques Rousseau
JJRJoroinen Juva Rantasalmi (Finland municipality)
JJRJaw Jerk Reflex
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As a measure of the band's pulling-power, a video-clip of the band's pianist, Henri Herbert, went viral on You Tube Y recor millio show (Hen publi cras Lond remin JJR c show like i those ber, punk ners, say, "jams
uk JJR Tolkien: The Makingof a Legend by Colin Duriez (Lion Hudson, PS8.
Landscape Architecture Firm Award: JJR JJR will receive the Landscape Architecture Firm Award, the highest award ASLA may bestow upon a landscape architecture firm in recognition of distinguished work that influences the profession.
About SmithGroup JJR SmithGroup JJR is ranked as the 7th largest university architecture firm in the U.
Bindraban PS, Stoorvogel JJ, Jansen DM, Viaming J, Groot JJR (2000) Land quality indicators for sustainable land management: proposed method for yield gap and soil nutrient balance.
The incendiary London-based JJR, part punk, part Little Richard with a dollop of Detroit's MC5 - a volatile mix by any definition - have appeared on the Jools Holland and Letterman shows and, appropriately enough, called their 2010 album Burning Down Your House.
Groot JJR, Houba VJG (1995) A comparison of different indices for nitrogen mineralization.
Like our franchisees, The Hudson Group, JJR Concessions, Puente-Brancato Enterprises, Midfield Concession Enterprises and I.
NEW YORK, July 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Open Energy, an innovative debt finance firm that provides project loan financing to solar commercial developers and project owners through its unique marketplace lending model, today announced the closing of two non-recourse solar loans totaling $500,000 with leading solar developers JJR Power and Vis Solis.
Presence Health Read King Medical Development SmithGroup JJR Spirit Realty Capital The Forest Group USAA Real Estate Company Valuation Research Corporation Ventas, Inc Ventas, Inc.
John Jaffray, President of JJR Power LLC, a partner in the project, states, "We look forward to working with SNRY on this and future projects.