JJVLJamshoro Joint Venture Ltd (Pakistan)
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It is apparent that JJVL paid SSGC extra royalty of Rs7.
The court directed that all losses caused to and incurred by the State, State enterprise SSGCL and the People arising out of and as a result of the bidding process and during the tenure of Implementation Agreement are to be made good and recovered from JJVL and all persons who had actively participated and had made substantial decisions in the bidding process and making of the Implementation Agreement.
The court declared the project unfair and unlawful in order to give benefit to JJVL at the cost of state and the people of Pakistan.
Officials of JJVL informed the committee that production of LPG has been declined from 1800 to 900.
After the extension the SSGCL is allowed to continue gas supply for the next six months commencing from February 20011 to both the companies including British Petroleum and JJVL.
Earlier, Managing Director SSGCL informed that the JJVL filed an application before the High Court at Lahore against the order of the competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) and obtained a restraining order against the said order by the CCP.
He hoped, what he described, the tilted agreement expiring on February 3 between the JJVL and SGC would not be extended to trickle down its blessings to consumers mostly living in remote and underprivileged parts of the country.
ISLAMABAD, February 01, 2011 (Frontier Star): National Assembly (NA) standing committee on petroleum has warned ministry of petroleum and Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) that committee will take stern action as per law if they renew liquefied gas agreement with JJVL after February, 3.
According to press release issued here on Monday, spokesman for JJVL said that producer prices of Pakistan-made liquefied petroleum gas have not been increased.
Hadi has thanked other producers including JJVL and marketing companies and producers for not increasing LPG prices despite a rise of $ 55 per ton in its international price in September.
For July, JJVL has increased prices from Rs 46,498 per metric ton to Rs 52,372 per metric ton, while Pak Arab Refinery Ltd (PARCO) had maintained prices at Rs 56,259 and Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) at 49,683 per metric ton.