JJWAJefferson Junior Wrestling Association (West Virginia)
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It is noteworthy that while many Congress leaders attribute the order to lower the MACR to President Duterte himself, Davao City since his mayoralty demonstrates the success of the JJWA.
Many countries in the Asia-Pacific and Africa have visited to learn lessons from our strong JJWA and national and regional diversion programs.
With this positive development in Congress, what lawmakers should continue doing is look more deeply at the implementation of the JJWA nationwide.
This is also evident in the 2016 study by the Philippine Legislators' Committee on Population and Development and Unicef where results show that LGUs with minimal financial resources and personnel with low individual capacities are likely to have little awareness of child protection laws, including JJWA.
Instead of lowering the MACR, legislators should strengthen the full implementation of JJWA to prevent children from offending and reoffending.
When he was campaigning for President, Rodrigo Duterte blamed the JJWA of 2006 for emboldening younger children who would think they could get away with committing crimes.