JKGJohannes Kepler Gymnasium (German school)
JKGJonkoping, Sweden - Axamo (Airport Code)
JKGJohny Kentus Gang (Czech soccer fan group)
JKGJulius Klein Group (New York, NY)
JKGJones Knowledge Group, Inc. (Centennial, CO; online education and training)
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JKG benin bir hastalik olmakla birlikte deri disinda da tutulum izlenebilmektedir (3).
JKG has offices in New York, Tel Aviv, Antwerp, Hong Kong, Johannesburg and Namibia and is a recognized leader in the diamond trade.
A part from JKG, Market Park was the only other park most attractive to women folk and this was mainly because of its being used as an open-air market.
Sims DG, Downham MAPS, Gardner PS, Webb JKG, Weightman D.
The roster includes Keith Grime, president, JKG Consulting and AOCS; Keith Rutherford, global R&D director, Unilever; John Wasonga, R&D technology manager, Reckitt Benckiser; Mark Stalmans, manager scientific external relations, Procter & Gamble; Dirk Develter, R&D manager, Ecover; and Dallas Hetherington, global innovation manager, AkzoNobel, according to event organizer IntertechPira.
Speakers: Jason Barnhart, Springfield Chamber of Commerce, and Jeff Guckenberger of JKG Electric.
29] Friend DW, Fortin A, Bulter G, Poste LM, Kramer JKG and VD Burrows Naked oats (Avena Nuda) with and without lysine supplementation, for boars and barrows: growth, carcass and meat quality, energy and nitrogen metabolism.
De Rojas MV, Dart JKG, Saw VPJ: The natural history of Stevens Johnson syndrome: patterns of chronic ocular disease and the role of systemic immunosuppressive therapy.
To pull them out would insult lads who died - JKG, Glasgow.
Two decades after our company was established in 1984, we have transformed JKG Group into a multifaceted provider of Marketing and Corporate Communications solutions.
JKG Palm Court is one of the popular residential developments in Sector-16 C, neighborhood of Greater Noida.
Keith Grime, president, JKG Consulting and a former vice president of research and development, Procter & Gamble (P&G).