JKJJerome K. Jerome (1859-1927; author)
JKJJohnson, Kendall & Johnson, Inc. (insurance)
JKJJack Killed Jill (band)
JKJJaddu Ki Jappi (Hindi: Magical Hug)
JKJJAERI (Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute)-KEK (Ko Enerugi Kasokuki Kenkyu Kiko) Joint Project (physics; Tsukuba, Japan)
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JKJ Benefits has found that female entrepreneurs also tend to look more at plan design changes, and while they arc concerned with increases, "they are interested in finding a solution," Kieren said.
In baptismal terms JKJ was let off lightly: his older brother was christened Milton Melancthon.
In despair, when JKJ was only oneyear-old, the Jerome senior took his wife and four children off to a more modest house in Stourbridge.
And even if JKJ had forgotten Walsall, it assuredly had not forgotten him.
Not only did JKJ accept the offer, he took the opportunity to re-visit old haunts for the first time in 60 years.
An index of variability was calculated as the ratio between the total number of different three-poke sequences divided by the sum of three-poke sequences, for example, JKJ, KJK, JKJ, KJK constitutes two different sequences KJK and JKJ, but the total number of sequences is four.
Emanuelson bounced back with a job at his father's architecture firm, JKJ Architects PLLC of Rogers, but was let go in the middle of 2009, again because of the economy, he said.
Paid For New Value Can Count--The Fourth Circuit Court Of Appeals Weighs In: The JKJ Case
Chrysler Credit had entered into a floor plan financing arrangement with JKJ Chrysler-Plymouth ("JKJ").
Chrysler Credit argued that it was entitled to deduct its subsequent extensions of credit to JKJ, that were thereafter repaid, as new value under Section 547(c)(4) of the Bankruptcy Code.