JKNJabatan Kesihatan Negeri (Malay: State Health Department)
JKNJustice Knowledge Network (Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada)
JKNJohn Kaizan Neptune (musician)
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JKN is a leader in the global content distribution business which has various range of content and serves the demand of customers in all platforms.
The production line will be structured in the style of the CNBC brand and will use Thai emcees and moderators in the production of the programs to broadcast on JKN CNBC channel.
This will drive JKN to be the leader in distributing and internationally importing global contents in order to distribute in Thailand and the CLMV country group, as well as being the manufacturer and holder of quality contents for sale and distribution through both domestic and international channels.
We contribute to this literature through an investigation of the willingness to pay (WTP) of informal workers to join JKN in Indonesia.
If the premium charged is equal or less than WTP, then workers will not be dis-incentivized to join JKN, and UHC would be achieved easily.
This helps us determine what are the important factors associated with informal sector workers who join the JKN.
ST and JKN conclude that abnormal returns on December 18 are significantly negative based on p-values from a conventional t-test, and our Table 1 also reports that a conventional p-value for December 18 suggests statistical significance.
ST and JKN refer to two newspaper articles on the veto rumor on 12/18/95, and conclude that the House vote on 12/20/95 was more surprising than was the veto on 12/ 19/95 (see part IIA of the Appendix).
JKN (Table 1) report a significantly positive abnormal return on 12/22/95 for their full sample of high-litigation-risk firms (1.
Comprehensive information on local regulations is absent, but available data indicates a large-scale process of policy diffusion through which almost all districts adopted at least some form of Jamkesda between 2007 and 2013, the year preceding the launch of the JKN.
54) Eventually, the latter view prevailed, and plans were laid out in 2012 for a gradual merging of Jamkesda schemes into the new JKN starting from early 2014.
As national policymakers were designing the new JKN, they decided to tackle such new imbalances by substantially re-centralizing the financing of health insurance programmes.