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JKRJ.K. Rowling (author of the Harry Potter book series)
JKRJabatan Kerja Raya (Ministry of Public Works, Malaysia)
JKRJoanne Kathleen Rowling (author of Harry Potter Book series)
JKRJapan Karate-Do Ryobu-Kai (martial arts; Anaheim, CA)
JKRJones Knowles Ritchie (marketing firm; UK)
jKrJälkeen Kristuksen Syntymän (Finnish: Anno Domini)
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The Arzt paper extends the JKR equation to the case of adhesion by multiple contact points.
For instance, JKR praised a student teacher because she "demonstrated a good rapport with her students and seemed comfortable leading discussion" (02-04-08).
Unlike the Hertz analysis, the JKR analysis predicts a force necessary to separate the two spheres from contact.
Before considering wetting hysteresis, let us first recognize the similarity between a sessile drop on a flat, horizontal solid surface and the JKR experiment described previously.
Sc, MRCP (UK), FRCP (Edin) Senior Lecturer; Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences Monash University Sunway Campus, Clinical School Johor Bahru 80100, JKR 1235, Bukit Azah, Johor Bahru, Malaysia Telephone: +60168078430 | Email: a2myintster@gmail.
Whether you're a fan of JKR or not, there's no denying that she and her film makers have not only developed the characters over the years, but also the depth, mood and atmosphere.
Britvic is, in fact, following the approach of soft drink manufacturers, which have created strong brands based on their 'cool' factor, says Andy Knowles, chief executive of design consultancy JKR, which worked on Drench.
It's all in the eyes; Harry's facial features will prove crucial to the plot; FIERCE: Brave Harry will face dragons; CANDLE POWER: Daniel and JKR share birthdays
Based on the JKR model, the work of adhesion (W) between tip and sample is given by [26]:
Cains hired JKR, one of the UK'S leading design consultancies, to create a brand that focuses on the heritage of the brewery and its Liverpool roots Dusanj explains: "The brewery's new look draws Oil Liverpool's Victorian pub heritage.
Consultancy JKR developed the new brand and Silas Amos, who designed the new identity, said: ``The brewery's new look draws on Liverpool's Victorianpub heritage.
com Design Agency JKR 128 Albert Street London NW1 7NE Tel 0207 284 3878 Fax 0207 428 8080 E-mail info@jkr.