JLASSJoint Land, Aerospace, and Sea Simulation
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During JLASS 2007, the students confronted a host of issues and challenges.
During the exercise phase, there was a defining moment that illustrated a unique aspect of JLASS.
Other Red Teams were played by faculty and JLASS staff.
With all that was going on in the 2017 JLASS world, their forces were much in demand.
national security objectives in numerous JLASS National Security Council meetings in crisis mode," according to Ambassador Robin Sanders, ICAF International Affairs advisor and prominent JLASS 2007 faculty team member.
JLASS game support is not limited to Professor Pasquarett and each school's team of two to eight faculty members.
Two noteworthy organizations supporting JLASS are the Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) and the Joint Requirements Office for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Defense (JRO-CBRND).
a 14-year JLASS veteran, and his "Green Cell" team from the National Strategic Gaming Center provide a continuous stream of answers to student questions about other countries' intentions and role-play an occasional foreign ambassador, U.
Paul Needham, ICAF Supply Chain Management Concentration director, has been a longtime advocate of realism in JLASS logistics.
Also keeping tabs on JLASS realism during the execution phase are the subject matter experts that each school employs at the game.
Another common comment from JLASS students is that every SLC student should participate in a JLASS exercise; the realism and intense experience it provides are unparalleled.