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During the exercise phase, there was a defining moment that illustrated a unique aspect of JLASS.
Other Red Teams were played by faculty and JLASS staff.
national security objectives in numerous JLASS National Security Council meetings in crisis mode," according to Ambassador Robin Sanders, ICAF International Affairs advisor and prominent JLASS 2007 faculty team member.
JLASS game support is not limited to Professor Pasquarett and each school's team of two to eight faculty members.
JLASS places emphasis on combating weapons of mass destruction (WMD) threats and homeland security issues, as well as traditional and nontraditional challenges in almost every combatant command area of responsibility, striving to stay one step ahead of emerging threats to national security.
JLASS is one of the primary vehicles for the advanced study of these topics.
Designed to challenge tomorrow's strategic leaders and thinkers, JLASS continues to be the only course offered and jointly run by all joint professional military education (JPME) SLCs.
These pre-Goldwater-Nichols Act exercises established the JLASS pedigree as the cutting edge educational exercise.
As JLASS begins its 25th year, its goal continues to be addressing key issues regarding the strategic and operational levels of national security.
JLASS consists of two phases: a distributive phase conducted from October through March, and an exercise phase consisting of a dynamic, intensive, and unscripted week-long wargame held in April at the AFWI.
While JLASS is a critical component of JPME for future leaders, the exercise is by no means new.