JLCCJ-Leaded Chip Carrier (electronics)
JLCCjoint lighterage control center (US DoD)
JLCCjoint logistics coordination center (US DoD)
JLCCCeramic Leaded Chip Carriers (J Lead)
JLCCJon Lovitz Comedy Club (Los Angeles, CA)
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2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- JLCC, Incorporated, a Texas Combustion Company, is pleased to announce they have completed and passed the third-party Manufacturer's Performance Certification according to the EPA 40 CFR rigorous requirements on a much needed Emission Control Device (ECD) or vapor combustor from their Flame Commander product line you can see more about these products at www.
John Huffhines, Chief Technology Officer at JLCC who has been part of the new development process, said, "I am confident that the new design will be appropriate to meet the needs that companies are faced with.
Not only will JLCC be able to provide reconstruction of damaged buildings, but they will also provide for incoming foreign companies.
The press release of which The Tripoli Post received a copy said, " by having joined forces with the Austrian company Asamer, JLCC provides a positive image towards European investors.
JLCC has since successfully purchased Cement plants in eastern Libya and has embarked on a huge refurbishment, modernization and upgrading program that is expected to increase of production without ignoring protecting the environment, a press release by the company said.