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JLEJournal of Law and Economics (est. 1958; University of Chicago Press; Chicago, IL)
JLEJewish Learning Exchange
JLEJava Language Environment
JLEJump if Less or Equal
JLEJava Learning Environment
JLEJubilee Line Extension (London Underground)
JLEJournal of Lutheran Ethics
JLEJustice League Europe
JLEJustice League Elite (forum)
JLEJapan Institute of Energy
JLEJump If Less Than or Equal to
JLEJapanese Language Environment
JLEJapan Luggage Express (shipping)
JLEJessica Lurie Ensemble
JLEJournal of Law and Equality
JLEJunior League of Evansville
JLEJunior League of Edmonton
JLEJammer Location Electronics
JLEJunior League of Erie
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A case study of why SCR and JLE perform so differently in the two ranking systems, as shown in Figure 2 and Table 3, helps illuminate the JCR's limitations for law journals.
As he was leaving the office, his Division Chief stopped by to tell him that his efforts regarding the IPLs, and JLE and GLRD inputs had helped leadership better understand logistics risks, and significantly informed the initial Service POM inputs.
Coghlan said despite the fact JLE did not intend to kill Garg, and did not even know if he had stabbed his victim, he was still guilty of "constructive murder" because the killing occurred in the process of committing a violent offence.
Results of the present study are presented in four segments: (1) agree/disagree with JLE requirement versus students' THEA writing scores, (2) agree/disagree with JLE requirement versus amount of writing requirements in college classes, (3) agree/disagree with JLE requirement versus writing challenges, and (4) agree/disagree with JLE requirement versus strategies used to resolve writing challenges.
Logisticians must also be able to monitor joint logistics performance within the JLE.
The logistician also must be able to monitor joint logistics performance within the JLE (whether or not the logistics processes are in place and working).
He has toys made by JLE, Specast, ERTL Precision, and Tm-Scale, in addition to a handful of customized pieces.
In an act of conspicuously enlightened patronage (rare enough in Britain and particularly so for a public transport project), Paoletti selected established, contemporary architects to design nine of the stations(2), with the remaining two (Waterloo and Canada Water) being handled by an in-house JLE team.
The JLE under Coase was relentlessly relevant, dedicated to exploring the actual effects of actual policies.
Multiple processes or threads: If the input edges are multiple processes or threads operation led by fork, vfork and clone, we should analyze jump sentences and change alternative composition of jump sentences to parallel composition('+'[right arrow]'[parallel]A'), such as JLE and JNE.
The end state for GCSS-J is a cohesive JLE which is based on the following overarching strategies and concepts: Net-Centric Data Strategy compliance, Net-Centric Services Strategy compliance, and a SOA supported by a Federation of Integrated Data Environments.
There may be a difference: the JLE did get finished, while the WCML may never be finished, because Virgin's partner Stagecoach is running into financial heavy weather.