JLLRJunior League of Little Rock (Arkansas)
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And it's that kind of dedication to the past, present and future that makes JLLR a pillar in a city that embraces both tradition and modernity.
Courtney McLarty, President; Julia Strickland, President Elect; Aminah Eddings, Community Vice President; Jill Hartsfield, Membership Vice President; Kim Meyer-Webb, Marketing Vice President; Kimberly Bowman, Development Vice President; Maggie Young, Administrative Vice President; Becka Webb, Treasurer; Kristen Minton, Treasurer Elect; April Robinson, Nominating Chair; Cathy Mayton, Sustainer Advisor; JLLR STAFF: Christy Copeland, Office Manager, ccopeland@ jllr.
JLLR has a committee fully dedicated to keeping its historical gem fully maintained, in top shape and commercially viable.